We create the software your company needs. We make innovative and modern solutions available to entrepreneurs and companies, such as: websites, online platforms (e-commerce, e-learning, blogs, etc), management systems or whatever you need. We create all kinds of systems, with which your company can simplify and automate tasks, save resources and time, have more control of your business and increase profits.


We create modern, successful, secure and responsive websites for all devices, and we also provide the most comprehensive support.

Custom System

We create systems to manage reservations, employees, commissions, schedules, stock, or whatever the client needs. We create custom systems.


We develop all kinds of custom platforms, such as e-commerce, e-learning, blogs, etc. We ensure a modern, responsive and easy-to-use design.


We guarantee your system will be created by professionals

Nowadays it is increasingly difficult to find software companies that develop in advanced programming languages. At Kaien Software, we are all professionals in the IT area, with years of experience in different businesses and areas. We develop our systems with Microsoft technology, which gives us flexibility, security and scalability.

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We analyze

We analyze every detail, so we can create the best solution for you

First of all, we analyze your situation, your objectives, your goals, your ideas. We will build the best solution for you.

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Strategic Design

We design the system from a strategic perspective

We design our systems to be the most efficient, even from a website to an advanced management system. They are all created based on our client's goals

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Customized Solution

We create the perfect system for you

We make custom systems, which means that each of our clients has their own system which has the exact functionalities that this client needs. You don't overpay unnecessarily, and you have a system with exactly the functionality you need.

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We stay with you after the system is finished.

We provide support and maintenance to all our systems. We know that not everyone has the time to manage hostings, domains, or maintain a system or website, for this reason we offer a support and maintenance service that covers that and so much more.

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We want to provide you with all the services in one place, we incorporated our UI/UX design service. Through powerful, well-designed user interfaces we help companies bring customers a seamless and enjoyable user experience which hold and deserve attention. We design beautiful, user-friendly websites, mobile & desktop applications, which the main objective is to serve users and benefit your business goals.

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